Heading Out

I’m heading up to my land in a bit here, once I finish packing my stuff into the Ryomobile again. I’ve spend the last few days in Chico, enjoying my friends Keith and Stephanie’s hospitality and kittehs, and recuperating/regrouping after Burning Man.

I was hoping to head up to my land sooner, but got held back with a couple of issues. I spent all of Tuesday driving down to the Bay Area and back to get my guns out of storage (which means, I actually have my laptop and my rifle with me for the first time since April). Then it took me until today to come up with an alternative plan for my electrical system, after my generator stopped working at Burning Man. I got an inverter I can hook up to my car, which I can then plug my battery charger into. This’ll effectively turn my car into a giant generator. Since this is grossly inefficient, I also went and bought a 60 Watt solar array at Costco. The nearest location with the solar panels in stock was down in Woodland, about 1.5 hours from Chico, so that took the better part of today. Sixty Watts isn’t enough to cover my anticipated daily usage, but it should give me enough juice that I’ll only need to charge the battery from my car for about an hour a day. Maybe less. We’ll see.

In any case, off I go. I’ll be back in civilization next week to meet up with my parents in Tahoe.

p.s. I finally got around to uploading photos from my road trip back West. Go have a gander. I uploaded more photos of my land as well.

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