Hi. Who are you? Where are you from?

Blog Stats... see the rocket launch?

Blog Stats... see the rocket launch?

So, what you see above is my blog’s stats as shown to me by WordPress. See how that line goes up steeply and sharply starting around the 17th (the day I posted News From Serenity Valley)? That’s what we in our biz call an organic viral growth pattern. You get that kind of curve when people come check out your site, then tell other people about it, causing, on average, more than one person to visit and the cycle continues. So. If you’re here on this blog for the first time, leave a comment and let me know how and where you learned about this site. I’m just curious. I won’t bite. Thanks!

In other news, I’ve been chillin’ in Tahoe with my parents. I’m eager to get back to Serenity Valley, but my parents are visiting from Japan and I only get to see them a few times a year (if even that), and seeing how they’re getting old and all, I should spend time with them when I can. Serenity Valley will be there for a while.

I’m currently planning on getting back out there on the 23rd (assuming my generator gets repaired) and then you should get a steady stream of updates every few days (or however often I decide to go to town to get internet access). I’m hoping the weather will stay clear and warm enough for me to stay there for at least a few weeks, which should be enough time to set up camp, know if I have everything I need to sustain life, and start working on improvements. Stay tuned, or add this blog to your feed reader or something.

21 thoughts on “Hi. Who are you? Where are you from?

  1. Well, I started reading this because of your post on facebook. I love reading it, and look forward to more beautiful writing.

  2. I work at Y! and ride the shuttle with a few guys from YOS (Harold and Matt). Since I’m into guns and laptops they thought I might like your blog. 🙂

  3. Hey Ryo… we kinda worked together at 2 companies : ) I found your blog and sent it around to a bunch of ppl cause out found it to be awesome. It’d be cool to see your land some time once you get settled.

  4. Hey,

    I found your blog mentioned on “Tiny House Blog”.
    I am Austrian and I am always amazed at the options Americans seem to have – buying lots of cheap land and going and building whatever suits them on it. Sounds great!
    So good luck with all your plans!

  5. I’m another Tiny House Blog source. It’s a pretty popular source. It’s kinda like getting slashdotted. Except for not as nerdy :D.

  6. Hi! I found your site on Tiny House Blog. In less than six months, I’ll be moving into a tiny house of my own so I’ve been looking around to see what kinds of things other people are doing.

    I like your hut! 🙂

  7. I don’t remember exactly how. I’ve been binge-reading tiny house blogs for a while and stumbled across a link to your blog somewhere. Travel, tiny houses, a lever-action rifle in the header…I just started reading from the beginning.

  8. Found you via survivalblog.com

    I live in NC and am planning to get some land when the real estate market finishes tanking. Want to give your experiment a try.

    Your solar/genny setup with fridge is great. I’ve been wondering about the fridge problem.

  9. I stumbled on your site while looking for examples of tiny houses…I live in Portland and just moved here from Japan (Chiba) where we lived for 2 years. I am fascinated by thought of living in a minimalist space… Our manshon in japan was about 1,000 sf and I though it was much too big for our needs ( family of 3). So now I am looking for an odd-sized lot here where I can build something interesting and efficient.

  10. I’ve visited a couple of times, but my first visit was shortly after “News From Serenity Valley.”

    My finding of your site was totally random through Google I believe. I’d just been reading Ran Prieur’s latest ‘Landblog’ post, and wanted to see who else out there was “dropping-out.” Many it seems: from living with no money, to living in a van, to buying some land and trying self-sufficiency. Inspiring.

    I’m only in the early days, when you had just left your job, so I have no idea where you actually are now in life… not back at Google though by the look of it lol.

  11. Hi there!
    I know it’s been a long time since you wrote this post. But if you’re still curious, this is Miguel, from Spain. I first read about you on survivalblog, and get trapped with your history.
    Good luck, and forgive me for my awful english.

  12. Hi Ryo
    I’m from a place called High Wycombe in England and found you through a link on ‘A Great Leap in the Dark’ blog (I think these are the same people as Tiny House but I’ve only just started reading their blog so not sure). I only found your blog yesterday (I think) and have been reading all your back entries (and the latest ones of you in Japan). Your blog makes fascinating and gentle reading. Will be a regular!

    Although my husband and I are no where near as extreme we too like to live our lives differently from the ‘norm’ and do our best to stay out of the rat race too – I dream of a more remote life but baby steps and all that!

    Good luck with all your adventures and well done for your efforts in Japan.


  13. Hi Ryo! I discovered you via one of the tiny house sites; not sure which one, maybe “Deek”. I do remember that the “laptop and Rifle” handle peaked my curiosity as one of unconventional values. Now retired and living in upper NYS, I hope to move to VT to build a smaller off-grid abode of my own design. Tx for sharing your observations and recent review of the chain saw. Rich

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