Wish List. Department of Defense, Serenity Valley


I just came across this for-sale ad for this piece of artillery. From the seller’s description:

This is a half-scale Napoleon cannon with a just under 1 3/4″ bore… sized for golfballs !!! The wheels are 30″ diameter and designed for live fire cannon use… they won’t be shaking apart anytime soon. The barrel is double sleeved with seamless tubing. It was originally a 2 1/4″ bore and then reduced down to take golfballs. It is approximately 36″ long, just over 5″ diameter at the breech and just over 4″ diameter at the muzzle. Barrel and carriage combined weigh approximately 475 pounds. Comes with everything you need…. powder, ball, fuse, all required implements for loading and cleaning, bore gauge etc. Even comes with a mold for making up 1 pound round shot from lead or wheelweight !!!

At $2750, it sounds like a pretty good deal. If I had that kinda money lying around, I’d totally get this and set it up on my property and lay siege on… I dunno, the other end of my property. Or maybe load it up with grapeshot and go huntin’.

One thought on “Wish List. Department of Defense, Serenity Valley

  1. I’m thinking that’d really improve my golf game. I bet I could reach the par fives in one and be putting for a double eagle! Might be hard on greens though… FORE! Boom!

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