I frequently get friend requests on Facebook from readers of this blog. While I’d like to stay connected to my readers, I like to limit my Facebook friends to people I actually know (it’s that whole hermit thing that I do). If you like this blog though, consider becoming a fan of the Facebook Page I created. Once you become a fan (or “Like” it, as they call it now), you should see new posts in your news feed, which might be more convenient for some of you. So, if you’re on Facebook, click here and become a fan by clicking on the big “Like” button!

12 thoughts on “Facebook

  1. so i stumbled across your blog. it was a link on another blog i read called ‘solar burrito’. i dig it! i’m pursuing a simpler life with my partner and we like to read other’s blogs from people who are also living simpler lives. Keep it up!

    • Well, I make an exception for other bloggers or people who otherwise share enough content publicly for me to decide whether or not they seem cool šŸ™‚

  2. Ryo,

    Unknown Lurker says hello with rambling introduction.

    WOW! Just finished a read (comments & vids) from day 1 (3/11/09). Fantastic Blog! Thank you for sharing your adventure, insights and growth. It is indeed a privilege to get a look inside…

    My wife and I have been on an ultra slow motion Ryoventure since 1995 when we bought some property on St John in the US Virgin Islands. Since then we have been alternating between luxury vacations on STJ & minimalist camping trips to our lot or Cinnamon Bay on STJ. We had expected to have a small rental villa built by now, but life has a funny way of changing plans. The “ride” has been fun and I am developing a deeper appreciation for that as apposed to simple goals. It’s youthful energy like yours that reminds me that it’s O.K. to still be replacing good ideas with great ones.

    It’s crazy how rapidly things become difficult once we get “off the beaten path”. Congratulations on you perseverance and individualism. You have accomplished so much already. I’ve been backpacking and motorcycle camping in the Blue Ridge Mountains for a long time now and I always learn new skills when I pare down to “minimums”. My wife and I always say “ANYTHING is possible, but NOTHING is easy”. Keep at it.

    I’ve been experimenting with small scale Solar PV (PowerFilm 14W rollable panel & Tekkeon 3450 battery) to assemble and understand what I call a USB grid for small devices like my iPhone & iPad (my own “Department of Energy independent investigation”). I hear you on the system loss issues. It’s not as easy as it first appears is it? My next camping trip to STJ will include a proof of concept for the USB grid by working for a week out of a tent on our lot with just the sun, iPhone and ATT 3G wireless laptop card to keep my part of the machine going back home. Iā€™m a home office based sales engineer since 2000 and want to see if I can add a true minimalist home office to the mix in the islands.

    Thx for sharing your “ride” and looking forward to more, Scott

    P.S. found your link on Solar Burrito

  3. I’m glad you wrote this! I’ve been thinking about doing the same thing, starting a facebook account for my blog. Did you sign up on Facebook as a website account or something? Or do I sign up like a person but make the account about my website? Does this make any sense? lol. Anyhow, I have a personal facebook acct. but I also limit it to people that i actually KNOW. My facebook isn’t connected to my falia photography site AT ALL, but I’ve got tons of people that ask me about having a facebook, so i want to a new one just for that. Like you did šŸ™‚

    • Hey Sonja. You can create a “Facebook Page” for your blog using your personal Facebook account. To do so, go to any Facebook Page (for instance, the Laptop and a Rifle page will work šŸ˜‰ ), then scroll to the bottom, and on the left-hand column, above the share button, there’s a link that says “Create a Page for my business”. Click on that, and the rest should be more or less self explanatory. Once you’ve created that, you can put a badge on your blog too (and since you use Blogger, you’ll be able to put a fancier badge than the one I have).

      • Neat! Will people be able to get to my personal Facebook account from the Facebook page though? I wouldn’t want people on my facebook page to see the info and pics my personal page.

        • Sorry for the slow response; didn’t have internet for a few days… you know how that goes šŸ™‚ Anyway, since people who fan/like your Facebook Page aren’t your friends, they will only see “public” content on your personal profile. And that, in turn, depends on what your privacy settings are, but either way, they won’t see any more than they already can.

  4. Oh! and I wanted to double check, are you in Mountain View, CA? If so, did I ever tell you that I have a crazy uncle that lives in Mountain View? lol. My mom’s brother went nutty but he has a ton of money. We have dis-owned him from our family b/c he is crazy, but before he went nuts, he flew me out to Cali and took me all over the state on a trip (for my highschool graduation gift) in 2000. pretty neat.

    • I used to live & work in Mountain View, though I don’t any more (I guess I sorta live in San Francisco, which is about 40 miles away from Mountain View).

      A trip all over California sounds like fun, even with a crazy uncle! There’s definitely a lot to see in this state… Which part was your favorite?

      • hmmm. my favorite part. I really liked San Francisco. Too bad it was super foggy though so I couldn’t see the Golden Gate Bridge, even when I was right next to it. lol. I also really liked the Lake Tahoe area. Oh and driving down along the coast near Monterey/San Simeon was BEAUTIFUL

        • San Francisco is a beautiful city, though I have a love-hate relationship with the place…

          If you liked the coast around Monterey, you might like the coast further up north too. One of the best drives I’ve ever done was down Highway 1 (and 101) from North-Western Oregon all the way down to SF. The Oregon Coast is beautiful, and definitely recommended, if you ever find yourself on this side of the country again…

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