You’re Invited! Hut Raisin’ 2.0 & Campout 1.0

Who: you1
What: Help me build another hut. Come hangout2.
When: August 20-23
Where: Serenity Valley (an hour and a half from Redding, CA)
How: Post a comment to this post (make sure to post the comment on the blog, not on Facebook, and to leave an email address).

The Small Print:
1 – Specifically, anyone who knows me, or reads this blog. Though, depending on various factors, it might not be possible to accommodate everybody (this time).
2 – If there’s sufficient interest, the date for Campout 1.0 may change.

14 thoughts on “You’re Invited! Hut Raisin’ 2.0 & Campout 1.0

    • Sure, if you think your readers might be interested. We’ll see what happens 🙂

      It’d be great to have you up here; I could sure use your expertise.

  1. Nice, so you have a design already picked out?

    Better plan on a couple more reminders between now and the build date. People may forget and get double booked.

  2. Ryo,

    I may be in that neck of the woods in late August. I am a casual reader of your blog and am based out of Santa Monica.

    I produce video content for the web, not that I would be producing anything if I come up there, but I do enjoy what you are doing.

    Best of Luck,

    • Cool 🙂 Let me know if you’ll be able to make it. I haven’t made one in a while, but I’ve made a few web-videos of my life up here too. I still continue to document a lot of what I do, but my backlog of unedited raw footage just keeps growing…

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