Back in civilization… er, the backwoods.

So, I’m on my way back to my property after spending 8 days in the desert for Burning Man. As luck would have it, last Monday, the day I left civilization, was a record breaking day for this blog, after getting referenced on the Survival Blog. Well, in case those of you who left comments were wondering why your comments went unanswered, it’s because I’ve been in the desert for the last week. But I’m back now, and this blog will return to its regularly unscheduled program.

Also, hello to those of you who are coming to this blog after talking to me at Burning Man. By now, you’ve probably had a hot shower… you lucky bastards. It’s too late to heat up my solar shower, so it looks like I’m going to have to heat up water on my stove or with a fire, and fill a tub the old fashioned way.

One thought on “Back in civilization… er, the backwoods.

  1. Hi! welcom back! I am new to your blog. I find it very interesting and you are good at expressing yourself in print. I believe it was Rowdy Kitten that had a link to your site. I have been interested in “tiny Houses” after I heard two of the guys who had written books and build businesses around the idea. I can’t remember their names, but you are probably familure with them. any news about ‘Burning Man”, I heard about it from my neice who lives in W. Hollywood, CA.

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