Hut 2.0 Roof Progress

The weather cooperated this week and gave me a few beautiful warm days, which I took advantage of to continue work on the roof. I got all the sheathing up, the ridge sealed up, and rigid insulation boards laid down on one side. I need a couple more purlins and then Ondura roofing panels will be ready to go up. I kind of screwed up with the measurements, so the gap between the roofing panels at the ridge might be a couple inches too wide for the ridge caps. Annoying, but I think I know how to fix the problem.

Also, I got a little worried about falling off the roof, so I decided to start tying myself in while working up there. I wanted to get my climbing harness out of storage, but never got around to it. So, instead, I improvised a harness out of a length of nylon strapping I bought at WalMart. I learned this trick from my dad when I was a teenager and went rock climbing with him one time. You basically take a loop of nylon tape, wrap it around your butt, then reach down and grab one of the lengths forward from between your legs. Put a carabiner through all 3 loops, and you have yourself a harness. Every time I climb onto the roof, I clip myself into a rope that’s tied off on the other end with enough slack to get me down to the scaffolding, but not all the way to the ground. At least, that’s the theory…

(I have more photos over on Flickr.)

3 thoughts on “Hut 2.0 Roof Progress

  1. The other day you asked about any advice about what you should do. Based on the slow progress with Hut 2.0 and basically the progress in general, I really think you should go work the winter making the big money.

    Best of luck no matter what you do.

  2. Back to your fork in the road : I live in Military City USA aka San Antonio, Tx. As a psychologist I work with many many of the children of service people. They are mostly good dedicated professional people. Listen to your subconscious – inner child whatever you want to call it…IF helicopters call you as does being “of service” since that is what a service profession is…then shoot for it you thinking gun-toting individual – you will keep your identity but will grow in ways that are unexpected. Besides, avoiding some of the group think sharpens your cognitive skills. Heck, at my advanced age – over 50, the military is trying to recruit me to assist and they will pay well for my part time work – understand your fear thing – I have it too….but, life is supposed to be an adventure and to live a live avoiding the unknown means you stay an unknown to yourself also…. like your bravery in posting your life…

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