Free shipping on calendars

I found a coupon code for Lulu (which makes my calendars) to get free ground shipping. The coupon says it’s only valid through 12/12, but I was able to use it right now, and saved over $10 on shipping. The code probably won’t work for much longer, so if you were thinking of buying one of my calendars, you might want to take advantage of this offer soon, and try entering the code HOLIDAY305 on checkout.

Update: That code might not work anymore, but reader Typhanee graciously shared a new coupon code she received when she bought a calendar: try entering RESOLVE355 to get another 15% off.

3 thoughts on “Free shipping on calendars

  1. I wasn’t able to get that code to work, but when I signed up to get your calendar, it gave me a code for 15% off. So for anyone who can’t use the old code, maybe this new one will work: RESOLVE355 It says it’s good until 1/5/11

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