Hut 2.1 video

I felt like making a quick video of Hut 2.1, so here it is. It’s not a terribly exciting video, and I wasn’t feeling particularly perky that day, but I figured it might still be of interest to some of you. You can watch it below, or in HD on YouTube.

6 thoughts on “Hut 2.1 video

  1. Hey Ryo,

    I visited your site a while back, and have since then came back, ala a link from the tiny house blog…

    It’s comforting to know that others such as yourself are doing this too. And I think the subject matter of individual sustainable/resourceful living/survival is too important to ignore…for me anyway. Our world is changing, and those who have been there and done that are sure to become mentors for others (laggers), following in their path, in the categories of; inspiration , instruction, and mistake avoidance.

    While I have not left my job, I am unemployed right now, and picking away at a project I started probably a year ago…

    ferrocement covered wall

    …buying what i can when i can, reusing old materials, taking freebies, etc. It sure forces someone to be resourceful when funds aren’t there, and thats good in many ways…often you even find that your solutions worked out better because your pockets were empty.

    The toughest thing I find is not being with my shelter more, in the woods, enveloped by nature…but until it gets done this is the suffering I endure…

    I have to make an hour drive just to get to it in another town.

    Leaving the material world behind, working with your hands, creating, then enjoying it really can’t be put into words…but I will say this…

    nothing feels more right to be doing.

    and I believe that these primal feelings will only strengthen, because there are just too many positive elements to this type of living to be had, and if the world really does take a dive as many areas suggest, well I’ll be a lot more prepared, having honed a greater belief and practice in my abilities.

    follow intuition, because peoples brains and the illusory thoughts it projects most of the time will surely continue to
    lead humanity in the wrong directions…



    ns, canada

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