One Week in Ofunato

I got here a week ago tonight, though it feels like it must’ve been ages ago. I’ve seen and experienced so much in such a short period of time, and with so much to do, it’s been difficult to find the time to write blog posts. If you’re interested in following what I’m doing here, I’ve been posting short snippets on my Facebook page, and I’ve posted some pictures on my Flickr stream as well (though, our internet access is limited, so I’m falling behind with my uploads). Anyway, it looks like I’ll be here for a while, and things may calm down a bit in the weeks ahead (or not), so I’ll try to gradually get more content up when I can.

4 thoughts on “One Week in Ofunato

  1. Glad to hear you’re ok! I haven’t tried Facebook yet so I had been wondering what you were up to and if your trip had panned out. You’re the only person I know with any connection to Japan so I think about you and your folks whenever the news turns to the crisis there. May God bless your efforts as you give of yourself to help others.

  2. You are awesome for doing this.
    I’m a fat bastard, bent down from a lot of grief and my body is punishing me for my betrayal of it.

    Even when I was fit, I might lend a hand if a friend or relative needed me, but to jump out there and help strangers.

    You sir are my hero, and if I manage to return to health again. I wish to make your acquaintance, and follow your example.

  3. I live in Australia, but my hometown is Ofunato. Needless to say, our old home where my sister and her husband lived, gone. Swept away to the Pacific. Our home was within a minute’s walk to the bay which opens to Sanriku Sea where Pacific plate, epicenter, lies. Due to the proximity to the epicenter, my sister had little chance. As we were trained for such occasions since childhood, my sister survived. Nothing of our house nor neighbourhood remains. I was thoroughly traumatised frantically tried to locate my sister. The people there must be totally shocked, and it may take a very long time to emotionally recover from trauma.

    Are you still in Ofunato? Perhaps not, 2 months have passed since the earthquake. What is your impression of the devastation?


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