News From Serenity Valley – Episode 4: shelf/cot build

Here’s the latest episode of News from Serenity Valley. In this episode, you can watch me build the shelf/cot structure that fits inside my trailer. This was probably one of the more difficult episodes to edit, because I had to reduce a 3-4 hour project (and an hour’s worth of footage) into a few minutes in a way that made sense. It might not be the most exciting episode, but, well, here it is. (YouTube link)

News from Serenity Valley – Episode 2

I got back to Serenity Valley on Friday afternoon, and finished winching up the trailer on Saturday. This video was mostly shot on Sunday the 27th. (If you don’t see the embed below, or want to see a higher quality version, here’s the YouTube link).

News from Serenity Valley

Welcome to the new original reality show, “News from Serenity Valley”.

Huh? Where’s Serenity Valley. Well, I won’t tell you where it is, but that’s what I decided to call my land. It’s not the most original, but it’s the best I can do, and besides, I like it so… there.

I decided to call my land Serenity Valley for a couple of reasons. First of all, it really is peaceful and quiet out there, and my land is vaguely valley-like, so it’s fitting in a literal sense. Secondly, the place has a real calming and soothing effect on me, and I imagine it’s a place I will always want to retreat to when life outside gets a little too hectic or overwhelming. And lastly, there’s the Firefly reference. As fellow Firefly fans may recall, Serenity Valley (the namesake of Serenity, the Firefly-class ship) was one of the decisive battles between the independence-loving Browncoats and the meddlesome and oppressive Alliance. I don’t intend to fight any battles on my land, and I certainly don’t intend on being defeated as the Browncoats did, but symbolically, I find the reference to be appropriate as I hope to establish and protect my independence and freedom on my land, in an increasingly meddlesome and oppressive society.

In any case, as I chronicle my land adventures, I’d like to document what I’m doing, and produce something. This blog is one output, but I like working with visual media, so I will try to produce some video every now and then. The quality will be mixed at best, and who knows if I’ll even get around to making more. The first episode is 11 minutes long and has taken me the better part of two evenings to edit. I’ll probably try and keep future episodes under 5 minutes, and be less nit-picky about the editing.

So, I hope you enjoy this episode, and I’d appreciate any feedback about it (positive or negative). (If you don’t see the embed below, here’s the link.)