News from Serenity Valley – Episode 3

Just a short one. See more rocket stove action, and a tour of my camp! Here’s the YouTube link.

3 thoughts on “News from Serenity Valley – Episode 3

  1. i have seen squirrels chew right through the lids of those plastic bins and then gorge themselves on sweet sweet end-of-the-quarter-here-take-all-the-food-at-uncle-joes leftovers. but then again, those were moomers squirrels, and they haven’t been right since I threw those infected mushroom casings out into the back yard…

    do you even have squirrels?

    • I’ve seen exactly one squirrel. In fact, I’ve only seen one of many animals, including one rabbit, one chipmunk, and one coyote. There are lots of squirrel tracks on the dirt path I use, but no idea how many are in the area…

    • Oh, also, I think Hyde Park squirrels are very different to actual natural squirrels. For starters, in my part of the woods, they still think of humans as predators (which we are… we’ve got guns and are happy to use them on squirrels) so they have a healthy fear of humans. Also, since there are practically no human settlements around, there are only enough squirrels that can be sustained by whatever natural resources are available to them (mostly pine cones and acorns), which means the squirrels don’t really need human food. Hyde Park’s squirrel population, on the other hand, probably wouldn’t be sustainable without human food, so getting to human food is a matter of survival.

      Anyway, just some thoughts on the state of human-squirrel relations…

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