Quick update from Serenity Valley: Fall is here

Fall is here

Just a really really quick update, ’cause the sun’s setting and I need to get back to my camp before dark (already looking doubtful (I’m at a internet pizza cafe about 40 minutes away)).

I just finished editing Episode 4, but I don’t have time to compress and upload. That’ll probably be up on Friday. I also shot footage for Episode 5 today, so that’s coming.

Unfortunately, the season is ending short. Well, the season ends when it does, just, it’s happened sooner than I hoped. Fall is here. I am no longer in denial. It’s getting cold at night, with temps dropping below freezing. It gets dark at 7:30pm and doesn’t warm up until 9am or later, which means I’m spending 14 hours or so out of the day in my tiny little tent. When you’re on 60 acres of land yet spending more than half the time (and increasing) in a 3ft by 6ft tent, you know you’re facing diminishing returns…

In any case, I’ll be back out of the woods this weekend. I’ll post more then.

6 thoughts on “Quick update from Serenity Valley: Fall is here

    • Oh man, I haven’t read Walden. I totally should. Based on what little Thoreau I’ve read, he’s totally my kind of guy.

      But yes, definitely come help me build a cabin. It’ll probably be sometime next year, and I’m still trying to figure out what kind of cabin I want. Post and frame would be easiest, but logistically difficult since I’d have to get lumber trucked in. There are a lot of rocks on the property, so that’d be a free and abundant resource, but I know nothing about stone construction. Another option is logs and mortar… I’m also trying to figure out the size, layout, location, orientation, not to mention all the legal/permitting issues.

      • http://tinyurl.com/ygfwt8b <– apparently, this costs about $4000 to build? that seems remarkably inexpensive. It cost us almost that much to build a janky raft, and this is… well, a building.

        It's amazing how much lumber two people can carry. It'd be a pain in the ass to have to walk back to the road to get each next piece of wood, but then again, it's not like there'd be a schedule to keep to.

        • Do you know what the breakdown for the $4k was? Lumber is relatively inexpensive, but the other stuff (insulation, windows, doors, shingles, foundation) adds up too. And yeah, as “fun” as it might be to haul the lumber ourselves, trust me, it’ll get old really really fast (based on my experiences hauling stuff up and down that dirt road many times over the last few weeks…).

          I’m thinking cordwood masonry (http://www.cordwoodmasonry.com/Cordwood.html) might be inexpensive and relatively easy to do.

  1. It’s getting cold, isn’t it? Hope you don’t catch cold.
    Yesterday, Gen came by to pick up his automn cloths.
    He seems to be fine. Have you set up your trailer at
    the best spot? You gave us a lot of fun this summer.
    Thank you so much. I am starting miss you already.

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